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High Speed Tracking Hounds

The Revolutionary Anti-Poaching Method

Dogs - Canis familiaris, our best friend, protector and couch snuggle buddy. Especially when looking at a miniature Yorkshire Terrier it can be hard to imagine that they are all descendants of the Grey Wolf- Canis lupus.

Even though there is a lot of speculation as to exactly when wolves started domesticating in human society new DNA testing predicts it might be as far back as 130 000 years ago when wolves 'convinced' early humans to shelter them from the cold. In turn, we now have more than 380 different dog breeds all suited for many different types of personal lives and disciplines of work. 

Thought understanding which breeds still have strong hunting, prey, and pack drives we have been able to develop an unstoppable and formidable Human Tracking Pack of Hounds that are so driven and focused on finding their 'prey' that they are able to operate free of human contact in some of the harshest terrain in South Africa. 

Each Hound is trained up to an exceptional level of On-Line Tracking before they are finally allowed to run free. 

It is vitally important to equip each hound with all the necessary tools and capabilities to problem solve, make intelligent decisions, and operate at the level that we need our hounds to in order to be let run free to complete the heroic duties we ask of them. 

German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, and Belgium Malinios all have excellent scent capabilities but lack the pack instincts and often are much more reliant on handler support during their work. 

With hundreds of arrests under the High-Speed Tracking Hound name which originally started at the Southern African Wildlife College, the new age of Anti-Poaching is here. 

What better way than to protect and defend our wildlife than with descendants of the Grey Wolf themselves. 

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